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When I was a kid, I was a hoarder. A hoarder of office supplies that is.  I would scour the store aisles only to find the world's cutest things, and then I'd put them nicely on my desk and... never use them. I worked so hard finding the perfect thing, why would I use it all up?! What if I could never find it again? I must save it for the most perfect occasion! Well ladies, if you're like me and have the cutest lemonseed press stationary just sitting in your desk, this promo is for you! I never want you to reach for sub-par notes because you're afraid of running out of your cute ones. Use them up! When you're all out, reorder more using the code REORDER35 at check out, and I'll print you up some nice, fresh stationary! Simple as that! This offer is good forever - it'll never expire, so you never have to worry about running out and paying an arm and a leg.  

the fine print

REORDER35 is only valid for stationary design that has been purchased from lemonseed press previously. New designs or adjustments to the design (changing name, flowers, colors, banners, etc) is considered a new order and will be charged the full, regular purchase price.  If you'd like me to print your design on a different substrate (i.e., ivory note cards instead of Kraft note cards) I am happy to do that for you, please specify note card color at check out. To place your reorder, order as you usually do, and enter the code at check out. Add comments in the space provided if needed, or as always, you can email me at